Friday, January 6, 2012

Buffalo Style Burgers!!

While on a trip to Las Vegas recently we stopped into the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch. My mom ordered a Buffalo style hamburger and it was delicious! Since then she and I have made our own versions and they are always a hit so here is my rendition of that yummy Buffalo Burger!

I rarely eat beef burgers but when I do I find it best to use a beef with a higher fat content to make it nice and juicy, try an 85/15 ratio for best results. This recipe is for 6 people or 4 really hungry ones! 

The Patty:

2     lbs hamburger meat
2     T. Liquid Smoke or Worcestershire Sauce
2     T. Garlic Herb seasoning (I prefer no salt seasoning because the other          
       ingredients contain salt)
1     T. Old Bay

Combine the ingredients in a large bowl and mix together with your hands. At this point in order to get equal size buns I find it easiest to form the meat into a log shape and divide into 6 equal parts, they will be 1/3 lb if you decide to use a scale. Once you have your meat divided you can form it into patties. For best and most thorough cooking I like to make the center of the patty a bit thinner than the outer areas so that the meat cooks evenly throughout. You can refrigerate your patties until you are ready if you want to prepare them ahead of time but get them back to room temperature before cooking them. 

The Bun:

I love the Sara Lee Hearty & Delicious Sesame Seed Bun! It is big enough for a 1/3 lb burger and it's the closest to homemade I have found.

The Sauce

1/2      bottle of Franks Red Hot Wing sauce
2-3      T. butter or margarine melted

Melt the butter in a large microwave safe bowl and whisk in the hot sauce.

Franks Red Hot Wings sauce is a delicious sauce for this but you can use your favorite Buffalo Wing sauce too. 

Baby it's cold outside so I decided to cook the burgers inside but you can do it on the grill if you prefer. Get your large skillet hot and spray with cooking spray. Cook the patties two at a time and butter your buns and place face down once you've flipped the burger patty.

A good indication that your burger is ready to flip is that it no longer sticks to the pan and has a nice browning. After you take the burger out of the skillet toss it in your hot sauce mixture and top it with a slice of cheese.

We used Colby Jack. Continue cooking your burger patties, toasting your buns and set aside until they are all ready. Put your Buffalo Burgers together with your favorite condiments; we used lettuce, tomato, onions and ranch prepared ahead of time and ENJOY! 

Let me know what you think and feel free to make adjustments such as Blue Cheese crumbles or dressing to finish it off. I hope you love this as much as we do!

Food is Love and I Love Food!



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